Terrorism…or tyranny?

Seriously? This is just crazy. Or is it?  Who does this type of classification protect?


Listed as terrorists:

Undercover investigators. Reason: Exposing animal abuse in feed lots.


Tim DeChristopher. Reason: Disrupting an illegal oil and gas lease auction.


Muslim communities. Reason: 9/11, obviously they are all involved some how (feel the sarcasm!)


Anarchists. Reason: They are anti-government. (One would think this would help defend freedom.)


Animal rights protesters. Reason: They can interfere with corporate profits.


Anti-war and international solidarity activists. Reason: Hmmm, not quite sure. Interfering with corporate profit? Anti-government? Exposing government deceit? ??


Journalists. Reason: Anyone critical of government is considered terrorist.


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BPA = Toxin Free? Methinks Not So Fast…

I knew it. I just knew it! When they started going “BPA free” my first thought was “Well what are they using in place of BPA, do they know it’s safe? Has it been tested? I doubt it.” And I was right to think that.

Read here for the details of all the nasty Bisphenols there are! http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/consumer-alert-bpa-free-goods-still-contain-toxic-bisphenol?utm_source=www.GreenMedInfo.com&utm_campaign=058e188cdc-Greenmedinfo&utm_medium=email

So, moral of the story? Use glass. Use high quality stainless steel. There ARE alternatives! One that I cannot wait to stock my family up on is this beauty:

No, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, I just LOVE these! They also make baby bottles.

We as a culture have traded in known dangers such as shattered glass for a perception of safety. The dangers of the new materials are slow to show themselves unless you live in a community where these chemicals have leached out into the surrounding environment making the local people very ill, or you know someone who works around such chemicals daily. Even so, these effects are far slower to show than being burned from the hot furnace where molten glass awaits it’s mold.

Where there is money to be made, there is money to protect. Let’s face it. It’s business. Heartless, but business. You and I may not run our own businesses this way. Those beholden to share holders have far less choice, as their main goal is to make money for the shareholders. Public safety takes a back seat, no, it’s put in the attic like some unused item that they cannot get rid of and want to forget about.

So, that means it’s up to YOU to know what you’re bringing into your house. What good does it do to blame some mega corp after yourself or your child is horridly ill? Sure, they may have to pay hospital bills but that doesn’t bring back health once permanent damage is done. Good luck getting that through the courts in a reasonable time, before your bank account is drained and you’ve lost your home, vehicle and job.

The companies are there to make money. Which is why it is critically important to seek out and support companies that are doing their best to offer healthy products. They may not be perfect, truth is if some did everything they possibly could their product may never sell because they would have to charge so much (while making little to nothing in profit to live on).

Support small businesses that are independent and willingly answer the hard questions to the best of their ability. Their honest must count for something, even if you don’t buy or very selectively purchase from them, be aware of their honesty.

Know who has bought what companies. If you’re looking for organic and healthy, and especially if part of your goal is to starve the giants, avoid formerly wonderful companies such as Tom’s of Maine (owned by Colgate-Palmolive) and Burt’s Bees (now owned by Clorox).

Eden Organics is still independent as far as I know, after EVERY SINGLE FOOD PROCESSOR has made an offer to buy the business. Now THAT is dedication to what they do!

YOU are responsible for your own health. Remember, when their paycheck rides on feeding you food that makes you sick, keeping you sick by simply masking symptoms of illness, and deceiving you about the poisons in their products…Your safety and health will NEVER be at the top of their priority list.

Ok. Off the soapbox now 🙂

(CC’d from my new blog Crazy Cool Wonderful Lovely Life)

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Cola Color Causes Cancer?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has called for the FDA to ban the use of caramel coloring in food. This caramel coloring is found in many food and beverage items such as dark sodas, dessert mixes, cough drops, gravy browning, ice cream, chocolate, cookies and many more items intended for ingestion.  Studies on mice and/or rats has shown this chemical to cause lung, liver and thyroid cancer and leukemia.

The marketing and labeling of products tends to be a sore spot with me personally. When you see “Caramel Coloring” what do you think? I think of caramel that is melted sugar becoming a yummy candy in my sauce pan. However, that’s not what it is in the context of mass produced food in most cases. It is indeed sugars, though not the table sugar you would use to create caramel with in your own kitchen. These “other” sugars are reacted with chemicals such as ammonia and sulfite compounds to create a concentrated color.

These chemical reactions also result in the creation of 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole. The former is corrosive and causes “burns by all exposure routes” and is harmful if ingested according to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and the latter’s MSDS says the same, with the addition that the liquid and vapor are combustible. As of January 7, 2011 4-methylimidazole is listed as known to cause cancer under California’s Proposition 65.

This carcinogenic chemical, 4-methylimidazole, is used in the manufacture of a variety of things like dyes and pigments which is why you’ll find it in food items; but it’s also used in or to aid the creation of pharmaceutical medicines, agricultural chemicals, photographic chemicals, cleaning products, and rubber. This means that exposure very possibly is higher than one would think initially. Especially if it’s not a direct ingredient to the finished product. If it’s a bi-product of the creation process anywhere along the line, it is considered a contaminant, not an ingredient and therefore need not be listed by law. Nowhere on the ingredient list of your soda will you see “2-methylimidazole or 4-methylimidazole”. It is included in the “caramel color”, which of course the general public has been unaware of.

Here’s the stats:

Under California’s Proposition 65, products (including food) are required to carry warning labels if there are levels above a set amount of an identified carcinogen. According to the CSPI, 16 micrograms per day show no significant risk. How does this play out in real, every day life? From the same source, popular brands of cola are reported to contain 200 micrograms per 20 ounce bottle. Just two ounces from that one source is more than is allowed in California without a warning label. So, considering that many people can drink easily 40+ ounces of cola a day, that’s 400+ micrograms of a known carcinogen a day. And that’s not accounting for other routes and sources of exposure.

How do I find it?

Read your labels! I cannot stress how important it is to read your labels. We’re not talking the nutrition facts here, we’re talking ingredient list. Check this out: Go to the kitchen and get a loaf of bread. Now get a cookbook or look up a bread recipe online. Compare the ingredients. Go on…this page will wait for your return.

What difference do you see? Amazing isn’t it?

With all the chemicals and highly processed goods on the market today, it really is important to educate ourselves on the details of what we are really exposed to every day. Two great places to start: the Kitchen and the Bathroom. We eat everyday, and most people, especially women, use multiple personal care products every day. Know what’s in them. Research the ingredients. Put forth the effort to know what’s good, ok, questionable and outright bad for the body.

This is especially important for children and pets. Pound for pound they ingest far more than adults do. The best way to really explain this is by using alcoholic beverages as an example. It takes much more to get a 250 pound man drunk than it does one that is 150 pounds (not counting for tolerance here). Same goes for toxins, especially those that accumulate rather than being flushed from the body relatively easily. There are higher rates of chronic dis-eases, illnesses and syndromes than ever before. New reports are coming out nearly every day about toxins doing this and that to the human body.

It’s time to really take a good look at the substances we’re exposed to daily, and it is absolutely crucial to pay attention to, and to understand ingredients in our food and beverages. Your health, quality of life and all around well-being really do depend on it.

Sources include:

Center for Science in the Public Interest article ~  http://www.cspinet.org/new/201102161.html

Material Safety Data Sheet ~ 2-methylimidazole https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/87619.htm

Material Safety Data Sheet ~4-methylimidazole https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/94023.htm  *NOTE – this has not been updated yet to reflect that it is indeed now listed under California’s Proposition 65 as known to cause cancer.

Listed under Prop. 65 ~ http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/prop65_list/Newlist.html


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Plastic Rice?

Really? There is plastic rice being sold in the Chinese town of Taiyuan, in Shaanxi province. This “rice” is made of potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic resins.

Sources include:



Very Vietnam, an online publication states: “A Chinese Restaurant Association official said that eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag. Due to the seriousness of the matter, he added that there would be an investigation of factories alleged to be producing the rice. Meanwhile, the low cost of the fake rice is allowing wholesalers to make large profits.”

So, what is the moral of this story? Profits are more important than human health? It would seem so, and that seems to be a general theme around most of the world. Cheap outweighs everything including health.

Unfortunately, there are many people driving this bus. From the manufacturers to the consumers. Consumers want low cost, and manufacturers want high profits. The end result is that the manufacturer makes the goods as cheaply as possible so they get maximum profits, and it’s cheap enough that customers will continue to buy it. Of course, the manufacturer doesn’t tell you *how* they managed to make it so cheaply.

Cheap often means several things, like plastic food made by slave labor. I cannot in good conscience buy the cheapest thing. I always look for good value, but that value must mean whole food, safe products for my family, and as often as possible, a living wage for those who produced the goods I purchase.

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome world!

This new blog is all about toxins in our environment. From cleaning supplies & air fresheners to those toxins that are labeled as medicine (yeah, we know some are needed and life saving, and we’ll be nice!) to the nasties that can be found in building materials and even our clothes. What are all these chemicals doing to us? Do we really know? How much is speculation and how much is really known?

Yep, this little blog is going to be fun and informative too. I invite you to engage in this conversation. The only way to make this world a less toxic place, and a safer place for us and our children is to dig for the information, share it, talk about how to solve the issues, then ACT.

My number one pet peeve is when people are made aware of potential reasons they’re feeling ill…then they act as though they heard nothing. For instance: One person has mild asthma. This person also uses lots of scented products. Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Scentsy or Party Lite candles. They have trouble cleaning because of the asthma…they use Lysol every time someone is even remotely ill, Clorox Clean up in the kitchen and bath, air fresheners in the bathroom….. Well, did anyone stop to think what’s IN ALL THESE THINGS? Could that be causing the problem or aggravating it?

The answer is plain and simple – YES. The point of this blog is to get people thinking and talking. Not all asthma is caused by exposure to these chemicals, but they are highly likely to aggravate it, increasing the use of medicine, increasing costs and lowering quality of life.

Asthma is just one issue that can be environmentally induced to be tackled here, there’s plenty more. Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, neurological disorders, hyperactivity in children (besides the fact that they’re expected to sit for 6 hours a day), depression, and even cancer. Humans are facing chronic illness like never before in history…and there’s only one thing that is really new: the amount of chemicals we are exposed to every day, and every day it’s increasing.

Now is the time to do something. Talking is good, but even better is making wiser and more conscious choices. Time to put the money where the mouth is. Big corporations have a strangle hold on Americans and others in the world – and we have the power to change that by choosing what, when and where to spend each dollar. We vote with our dollar 3-5 times a day just on our food choices. I vote for my local farmers. Where’s your vote?

Join this blog and follow along as we discuss what chemicals we’re dealing with and how we can reduce our exposure.

Thank you!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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