Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome world!

This new blog is all about toxins in our environment. From cleaning supplies & air fresheners to those toxins that are labeled as medicine (yeah, we know some are needed and life saving, and we’ll be nice!) to the nasties that can be found in building materials and even our clothes. What are all these chemicals doing to us? Do we really know? How much is speculation and how much is really known?

Yep, this little blog is going to be fun and informative too. I invite you to engage in this conversation. The only way to make this world a less toxic place, and a safer place for us and our children is to dig for the information, share it, talk about how to solve the issues, then ACT.

My number one pet peeve is when people are made aware of potential reasons they’re feeling ill…then they act as though they heard nothing. For instance: One person has mild asthma. This person also uses lots of scented products. Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Scentsy or Party Lite candles. They have trouble cleaning because of the asthma…they use Lysol every time someone is even remotely ill, Clorox Clean up in the kitchen and bath, air fresheners in the bathroom….. Well, did anyone stop to think what’s IN ALL THESE THINGS? Could that be causing the problem or aggravating it?

The answer is plain and simple – YES. The point of this blog is to get people thinking and talking. Not all asthma is caused by exposure to these chemicals, but they are highly likely to aggravate it, increasing the use of medicine, increasing costs and lowering quality of life.

Asthma is just one issue that can be environmentally induced to be tackled here, there’s plenty more. Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, neurological disorders, hyperactivity in children (besides the fact that they’re expected to sit for 6 hours a day), depression, and even cancer. Humans are facing chronic illness like never before in history…and there’s only one thing that is really new: the amount of chemicals we are exposed to every day, and every day it’s increasing.

Now is the time to do something. Talking is good, but even better is making wiser and more conscious choices. Time to put the money where the mouth is. Big corporations have a strangle hold on Americans and others in the world – and we have the power to change that by choosing what, when and where to spend each dollar. We vote with our dollar 3-5 times a day just on our food choices. I vote for my local farmers. Where’s your vote?

Join this blog and follow along as we discuss what chemicals we’re dealing with and how we can reduce our exposure.

Thank you!



About katiekieffer

Hi! I'm Katie Kieffer. I juggle a lot of things. Building my own intuitive healing practice, managing the daily needs of two homeschooling teens, 5 cats, 2 dogs and a husband, and myself. Life is messy, and while I love doing the intuitive and healing work I do, my life and relationships aren't perfect. They are better than they were a few years ago, especially with my children. I'm happy for the improvement and continue working on myself to make my own life better - and it's working, for the most part :) Wanna know more? Check out my blog and website: awakentheinnerlight.com
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