BPA = Toxin Free? Methinks Not So Fast…

I knew it. I just knew it! When they started going “BPA free” my first thought was “Well what are they using in place of BPA, do they know it’s safe? Has it been tested? I doubt it.” And I was right to think that.

Read here for the details of all the nasty Bisphenols there are! http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/consumer-alert-bpa-free-goods-still-contain-toxic-bisphenol?utm_source=www.GreenMedInfo.com&utm_campaign=058e188cdc-Greenmedinfo&utm_medium=email

So, moral of the story? Use glass. Use high quality stainless steel. There ARE alternatives! One that I cannot wait to stock my family up on is this beauty:

No, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, I just LOVE these! They also make baby bottles.

We as a culture have traded in known dangers such as shattered glass for a perception of safety. The dangers of the new materials are slow to show themselves unless you live in a community where these chemicals have leached out into the surrounding environment making the local people very ill, or you know someone who works around such chemicals daily. Even so, these effects are far slower to show than being burned from the hot furnace where molten glass awaits it’s mold.

Where there is money to be made, there is money to protect. Let’s face it. It’s business. Heartless, but business. You and I may not run our own businesses this way. Those beholden to share holders have far less choice, as their main goal is to make money for the shareholders. Public safety takes a back seat, no, it’s put in the attic like some unused item that they cannot get rid of and want to forget about.

So, that means it’s up to YOU to know what you’re bringing into your house. What good does it do to blame some mega corp after yourself or your child is horridly ill? Sure, they may have to pay hospital bills but that doesn’t bring back health once permanent damage is done. Good luck getting that through the courts in a reasonable time, before your bank account is drained and you’ve lost your home, vehicle and job.

The companies are there to make money. Which is why it is critically important to seek out and support companies that are doing their best to offer healthy products. They may not be perfect, truth is if some did everything they possibly could their product may never sell because they would have to charge so much (while making little to nothing in profit to live on).

Support small businesses that are independent and willingly answer the hard questions to the best of their ability. Their honest must count for something, even if you don’t buy or very selectively purchase from them, be aware of their honesty.

Know who has bought what companies. If you’re looking for organic and healthy, and especially if part of your goal is to starve the giants, avoid formerly wonderful companies such as Tom’s of Maine (owned by Colgate-Palmolive) and Burt’s Bees (now owned by Clorox).

Eden Organics is still independent as far as I know, after EVERY SINGLE FOOD PROCESSOR has made an offer to buy the business. Now THAT is dedication to what they do!

YOU are responsible for your own health. Remember, when their paycheck rides on feeding you food that makes you sick, keeping you sick by simply masking symptoms of illness, and deceiving you about the poisons in their products…Your safety and health will NEVER be at the top of their priority list.

Ok. Off the soapbox now šŸ™‚

(CC’d from my new blog Crazy Cool Wonderful Lovely Life)


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