Terrorism…or tyranny?

Seriously? This is just crazy. Or is it?  Who does this type of classification protect?


Listed as terrorists:

Undercover investigators. Reason: Exposing animal abuse in feed lots.


Tim DeChristopher. Reason: Disrupting an illegal oil and gas lease auction.


Muslim communities. Reason: 9/11, obviously they are all involved some how (feel the sarcasm!)


Anarchists. Reason: They are anti-government. (One would think this would help defend freedom.)


Animal rights protesters. Reason: They can interfere with corporate profits.


Anti-war and international solidarity activists. Reason: Hmmm, not quite sure. Interfering with corporate profit? Anti-government? Exposing government deceit? ??


Journalists. Reason: Anyone critical of government is considered terrorist.



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Hi! I'm Katie Kieffer. I juggle a lot of things. Building my own intuitive healing practice, managing the daily needs of two homeschooling teens, 5 cats, 2 dogs and a husband, and myself. Life is messy, and while I love doing the intuitive and healing work I do, my life and relationships aren't perfect. They are better than they were a few years ago, especially with my children. I'm happy for the improvement and continue working on myself to make my own life better - and it's working, for the most part :) Wanna know more? Check out my blog and website: awakentheinnerlight.com
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